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                                        Viva Chupacabras!!

It started, as all good things do, with a heartfelt commitment to each other; our brothers. The Chupacabras began as an informal riding group taking trips, traveling the highways and back roads of Central, West and South Texas as well as Mexico, including border towns and rides farther south. Riding in any weather, be it hot, cold or wet. The Founding Members had a desire to not only build a closer allegiance as brothers, but to support the greater Motorcycle Community as a whole. In 2002, when an unidentifiable creature crossed our path on Highway 123 in South Texas, the Chupacabras were born. We didn’t know it yet but the seed was planted.

Respect & Commitment are two words that define what the Chupacabras MC stands for. You have to give respect to get respect. You also have to be committed to your cause and your community. We had our work cut out for us to realize our dream of becoming who we are today. With mentoring from existing clubs in the Community, we have established a position from which we will continue to learn and grow.

If you have ever wondered what a sunrise on the Chihuahuan Desert looked like, or where to buy a beer in the “dry” city of Baotopilas, or would like to know what “The Monclova Incident” was about, contact us and introduce yourself to the Chupacabras MC.

                                                                                 ¡Somos "esas personas"!  

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